NewsCompanies Sponsoring Visas in the Netherlands 2024/2025

Companies Sponsoring Visas in the Netherlands 2024/2025


Companies Sponsoring Visas in the Netherlands 2024/2025

Working in the Netherlands can be a rewarding experience. The country offers a high quality of life, a strong economy, and a diverse range of job opportunities. Before moving to the Netherlands for work, it’s important to consider factors such as visa requirements, language proficiency (though many Dutch people speak English fluently), and cultural adaptation.

In the Netherlands, over 10,000 companies employ foreign workers and facilitate their work permits. Prominent companies like Shell, Phillips, Unilever, and ING are known sponsors of work visas in the country.

The Dutch government maintains a list of approved sponsors, who have the ability to request residence permits for individuals such as employees or students. It is important to identify which organizations are officially recognized as sponsors.

Things to Consider when Planning to Work in the Netherlands

Research Visa Requirement

Depending on your nationality and the duration of your stay, you may need a visa or work permit to work in the Netherlands. Research the specific requirements applicable to your situation.

Job Search

Look for job opportunities in your field through online job boards, professional networking platforms, and recruitment agencies. Consider reaching out to companies directly if you have specific organizations in mind.

Language Skills

While English is widely spoken in the Netherlands, especially in the business world, having some knowledge of Dutch can be beneficial for daily life and integration into the local culture. Consider taking language courses to improve your Dutch proficiency.

Understand Dutch Work Culture

Familiarize yourself with the Dutch work culture, which values direct communication, collaboration, and a healthy work-life balance. Understanding cultural norms can help you navigate the workplace more effectively.

Secure Accommodation

Arrange accommodation before you arrive in the Netherlands, whether it’s temporary housing or a more permanent arrangement. Consider factors such as proximity to your workplace, amenities, and budget.

Health Insurance

Make sure you have appropriate health insurance coverage while living and working in the Netherlands. This may be provided by your employer or purchased independently.

Tax and Legal Obligations

Familiarize yourself with Dutch tax laws and other legal obligations related to working in the country. Consider seeking advice from a tax professional to ensure compliance.

Social Integration

Take the time to meet new people and participate in social activities to build a support network and integrate into Dutch society. Joining clubs, attending cultural events, and exploring the local community can help you feel more at home.

Companies Sponsoring Visas in the Netherlands

1. Picnic

Picnic established in 2015 in the Netherlands is a company that is diverse, with more than 80 nationalities in 3 countries. There are many cool things to do as well, such as board game nights, after-work drinks, and even a company ski trip, summer parties, or office band ‘The Black Totes’.

Relocation package

If joining Picnic from overseas, Picnic will cover your travel to Amsterdam, sponsor you Visa and provide you with a month’s accommodation (so long as the regulations allow).

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2. Zivver

Zivver is a company that specializes in providing secure communication solutions, particularly for sensitive data sharing via email, chat, and file transfer. Their platform aims to protect organizations from data breaches and ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR.

Their solutions integrate with Outlook, M365 and Gmail to apply advanced email encryption, MFA controls and more. Empower secure work and protect organizations from data loss with ease.

They are a diverse international team of over 27 nationalities, and yes they do offer Dutch classes!

3. Coolblue

Coolblue is a Dutch e-commerce company known for its wide range of consumer electronics, household appliances, and other products. Founded in 1999 by Pieter Zwart, Paul de Jong, and Bart Kuijpers, Coolblue has grown into one of the largest online retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Available Position

Team Lead Front End React

4. VanMoof

VanMoof is a Dutch electric bicycle (e-bike) company known for its sleek and innovative designs, as well as its focus on technology and sustainability. VanMoof is recognized for its high-quality, technologically advanced e-bikes that offer a stylish and sustainable transportation solution for urban commuters and cycling enthusiasts alike.

The VanMoof App allows you to track your rides, configure the bike, receive help when needed, and more.

Available Position

Sales Representative (Germany)

5. Wonderkind

Wonderkind is a recruitment technology company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, was established in 2016. It specializes in programmatic job advertising, using data-driven targeting and optimization to help companies attract top talent more effectively. Wonderkind empowers companies to transform their recruitment strategies through innovative technology, data-driven targeting, and personalized optimization. By leveraging the power of programmatic job advertising, Wonderkind helps companies attract and engage top talent more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Open positions

Communications Specialist Intern, Data Science/ AI Engineer intern, Market Research Intern, Product Development – Intern, Product Owner.

6. Polarsteps

Polarsteps is a travel tracking and journaling app that allows users to automatically track and document their trips around the world.
Polarsteps is a popular choice among travelers for its intuitive interface, automatic tracking capabilities, and ability to create personalized travel journals. Whether users are embarking on a solo adventure or traveling with friends and family, Polarsteps offers a convenient way to document and share their travel experiences.

Open positions

Senior iOS Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer.

7. Virtuagym

Virtuagym is a fitness technology company that provides software solutions for fitness clubs, personal trainers, and individuals looking to manage their health and wellness. Virtuagym was established in 2008 and it provides a comprehensive suite of software solutions for fitness and wellness professionals, as well as individuals seeking to improve their health and fitness. With its customizable features, mobile apps, and integrated approach to fitness management, Virtuagym helps users stay motivated, track their progress, and achieve their fitness goals.

Virtuagym is remote-friendly but they only hire those who are Dutch citizens or have a Dutch Citizen Service Number (BSN).

Open positions

Amsterdam: Customer Success Manager DACH, Interim People & Culture Manager (Maternity Leave Replacement), Performance Marketing Intern, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist.

Instabul: Android Developer, Customer Success Manager DACH, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist.

Köln, Germany: Customer Success Manager DACH

Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia: International Support Consultant (German Speaking).

8. Convious

Convious is a Dutch startup founded in 2017, currently located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. cloud-based platform allows visitors to easily connect with operators.

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Convious is a technology company that specializes in providing e-commerce and revenue optimization solutions for the leisure and entertainment industry, particularly for theme parks, attractions, museums, and other leisure venues.

Convious enables leisure and entertainment venues to optimize their revenue streams, attract more customers, and enhance the overall guest experience through its e-commerce and revenue optimization solutions. By leveraging data-driven insights and advanced technology, Convious helps venues maximize their revenue potential while providing a seamless booking experience for customers.

Open positions

Amsterdam: Junior Technical Support Specialist, Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Product Designer, Senior Technical Support Specialist.

9. STRM Privacy

STRM Privacy is a startup in the Netherlands founded in 2020, currently located in Rotterdam. The privacy features built into the startup help companies collect and manage customer data safely. It helps companies with data-heavy models stay compliant with increasingly strict data protection laws and helps end users to remain safe.

10. Bunq

Bunq is a Dutch fintech company that offers banking services primarily through its mobile app. Bunq offers a modern and user-friendly banking experience through its mobile app, with a focus on innovation, customization, security, and sustainability. As a digital-first bank, Bunq aims to provide customers with greater control over their finances and a seamless banking experience tailored to the needs of the digital age.

Check open positions here.

11. WeTransfer

WeTransfer with headquarters in Amsterdam was established in 2009 is a convenient and reliable file-sharing service that simplifies the process of sending large files over the internet. Whether for personal or professional use, WeTransfer provides users with a straightforward solution for sharing files with friends, family, colleagues, and clients.

Open Positions

Ad Operations Specialist, Data Intern, Senior Product Data Analyst, Senior Backend Engineer- Transfer Backend, Senior Product Marketing Manager- GTM, Senior Director Tax and Rewards.

Things you Should Know About Living in the Netherlands 

  • You are required to register with the municipality in the personal records database if you have lived in the Netherlands for over 4 months. Once this is done the municipality will issue a citizen service number to you.
  • After at least 3 months of living in the country, you will need to take a Tuberculosis test. You will need to make an appointment at the public health service and you will have to take with you your residence permit.
  • if you have children, it is compulsory for children between the ages of 5 to 16 to have compulsory education in the Netherlands. You will need to register your child at a school.
  •  It is advisable that when you are leaving Nigeria you go with your birth certificate to the Netherlands as you will need a legalized and translated birth certificate to be able to register with the municipality.
  • One of the compulsory things you will need to do as a migrant in the Netherlands is to register for health care insurance. Everyone who lives in the Netherlands actually does this and you will need to do this within at least four months after your I have arrived in the country.
  • If you have a residence permit, you may be required to learn the Dutch language and also about the culture and the labour market, this is to help you integrate properly into Dutch society. If you plan to apply for permanent residence and become a Dutch citizen via naturalization, you will need to have lived in the Netherlands for five years and also you must prove that you have been integrated civically into the dead society and you may have to take the Civic integration exam as a requirement.

The Netherlands is a very beautiful country and the Dutch are very welcoming. The Netherlands is beautiful and breathtaking and if you have a passion for start-ups, you’ve always been intrigued by start-ups and you would love to combine two beautiful things which are your love for startups and your love for the Netherlands and this is an opportunity that you will need to grab as the program will be running until the year 2025.

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