StoriesVictim of Samurai Sword Attack: 14-Year-Old British-Nigerian, Daniel Anjorin's...

Victim of Samurai Sword Attack: 14-Year-Old British-Nigerian, Daniel Anjorin’s Funeral Today


Victim of Samurai Sword Attack: 14-Year-Old British-Nigerian, Daniel Anjorin’s Funeral Today

Daniel Anjorin’s funeral is to be held on today (17th May, 2024), his family announced, as they revealed plans to move home following the “trauma” of his brutal killing. Daniel Anjorin, a 14-year-old Nigerian schoolboy who was killed in a sword attack, will be buried in an East London cemetery, leaving behind a trail of shattered dreams and devastated loved ones.

Just a few weeks ago, on April 30, Daniel’s life was brutally taken while he was on his way to school. A samurai sword-wielding attacker struck him down, inflicting a fatal slash to his neck and a stab wound to his chest. The senseless act of violence has left a community reeling in shock and grief.

As over 300 mourners gather at Jubilee Church London for the funeral service, they will remember Daniel’s vibrant presence and the boundless potential he possessed. His friends and family will bid a tearful farewell to a boy who was taken from them far too soon.

The pain of Daniel’s loss is still fresh, and the wound will take a long time to heal. His friend Harris, who spoke at a vigil attended by hundreds, poignantly expressed the collective grief, “We will miss him dearly, and his memory will live on in our hearts.”

As the community says goodbye to Daniel, they will also remember the four others who were injured in the attack, including two brave Metropolitan Police officers. The accused, Marcus Arduini Monzo, will face justice for his heinous crimes, but for now, the focus is on celebrating Daniel’s life and supporting those who loved him.

Daniel Anjorin’s Death

14-year-old schoolboy killed in the east London sword rampage. The teenage victim, named locally as Daniel Anjorin, was fatally stabbed as he made his way to £23,000-a-year Bancroft’s School – the same school where Nottingham attack victim Grace O’Malley-Kumar attended before university.

More than 300 people gathered at a vigil on Sunday to pay tribute to Daniel Anjorin, a teenage boy killed in a sword attack while walking to school.

Daniel, 14, was attacked with a sword in Hainault, east London, and suffered fatal wounds to his neck and chest.

A mourning community gathered at the Hainault Underground station car park, just meters away from where the incident happened, on Sunday morning to pay tribute to Daniel and offer messages of support to his grieving family.

Daniel’s family were not present at the vigil.

Harris, a 17-year-old boy who knew Daniel but asked for his surname to remain anonymous, told the crowd: “He was a kid that was not in any type of trouble. I’m not just saying that.

Daniel died on Tuesday when an armed man went on a violent rampage. Marcus Aurelio Arduini Monzo, a dual Spanish-Brazilian national living in Newham, was charged with murdering the teenager and appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Lisa McDonald, head of Woodford Green Preparatory, a feeder to Bancroft’s wrote to parents on Wednesday with a “heavy heart and profound sadness” announcing the Year 9 pupil’s death. She added: “The news of his passing is a devastating blow to his family, friends and the entire school community. It is difficult to comprehend such a tragic loss, especially so soon after the heartbreaking incident involving Grace O’Malley-Kumar, whose memory we continue to honor. Our thoughts and prayers extend to the family, friends, and everyone touched by his presence at Bancroft’s and, at this time of immense grief, we stand together in solidarity and support.”

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While friend Cyan Thompson, 19, said Daniel “was top notch”. He added: “I can’t believe he has gone. He was such a good person with great manners. He was so caring. He loved football and was like a mini Messi when he was younger. He also loved Arsenal.”

“I was due to have a football session with him in next couple of days. He was so bright with a great future ahead, very good at solving math problems. We are heartbroken. Another of our friends had seen him the morning he died. He is devastated his mum is scared to let him out.
Daniel is from a lovely family he gave joy when you saw him.”

The school where Daniel’s mother worked as a teacher, Holy Family Catholic School in Walthamstow, said in a statement: “It is with great sadness that I share with you the news of the death of the child of one of our staff members. Mrs Anjorin’s son was taken from this life suddenly this morning on his way to school. Please keep Mrs Anjorin, her husband and their other children in your prayers.”

Scotland Yard chief Sir Mark Rowley described the 22-minute incident in Hainault as “horrific” and “everyone’s worst nightmare”.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said a female police officer came close to losing her hand.

The heroic policewoman and her inspector, whose hand was also “badly damaged”, were among four people injured on Tuesday. A suspect drove his van into a house before slashing members of the public and police who responded to 999 calls around 7am.

Door camera footage showed the moment the knifeman was tasered and arrested on a driveway of a semi-detached house. Armed officers arrived on the scene seconds later.
A 36-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder remains in hospital after when his Ford Transit crashed.

Sir Mark told LBC Radio: “People say officers run towards danger, what you’ve actually seen on some of the videos that are sort of around social media and on news sites, you actually see what that really looks like. You’ve got officers running towards someone who’s waving a sword.”

“We were on the ground in 12 minutes, and he was detained after 22 minutes. Obviously some of the first contacts led to officers being very severely injured.
“I went to hospital yesterday to see the officers and their families. I saw the inspector whose hand is badly damaged.
“I saw him before the operation and he was in good spirits. He’s got a lot of patching up to be done on his hand.
“I was talking to the family and colleagues of the woman officer with a badly damaged arm, really seriously damaged. The surgeons spent many hours basically putting her arm back together. It will be a long journey of recovery.”

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Responding to reports, she nearly lost her hand, Sir Mark he told host Nick Ferrari: “That’s not a million miles away. It’s really horrifically serious injuries.”
He said medics are increasing optimistic the two officers will be make a full recovery after surgeons spent hours reattaching nerves and vessels, but it might take “months and years”.
Sir Mark said he found it “humbling” his staff will “run towards danger”, adding: “That’s not a glib phrase, that’s real. They are charging towards somebody with a sword, putting themselves at risk because they are so connected to the idea it’s their job to protect the public. Every day in London 19 officers are injured.”
Speaking about the young victim who died, Britain’s most senior police officer added: “The first thing you have to say is for the parents involved, who’ve lost their 14-year-old, and that is just horrific, and it’s everyone’s worst nightmare.
“I’m sure we’re all thinking about them.”
Neighbor James Fernando, who tried to help Daniel as he lay dying, told the Standard he was “a nice lad”.
Mr. Fernando said: “He was just going about his business, the poor boy.
“He never did anything bad to anyone and then he is attacked with a sword. I was there after but I could tell he wouldn’t pull through. I can’t get that boy’s face out of my head.”
Dramatic footage captured the suspect being cornered and tasered by officers.
The video shows how officers shout at the suspect after he is brought to the ground by three separate taser discharges.
The words “suspect contained” are eventually heard as a female officer pulls the sword away from the attacker.
In another video clip the man verbally confronts the police and shouts “Is there anybody here who believes in God?” while standing next to the motionless body.
Police said there is no evidence about prior contact with the suspect.

Buckingham Palace said King Charles’s “thoughts and prayers are with all those affected”.
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described the incident as “shocking”, adding: “Such violence has no place on our streets”.
He paid tribute to those affected by the attack at the start of Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister told the Commons: “I know that the thoughts of the whole House are with the people of Hainault in east London following yesterday’s appalling attack.
“Such violence has no place on our streets. It is absolutely heart-breaking that a teenage boy has died and I can’t imagine what his family are going through, and we send them our heartfelt condolences and offer our very best wishes to all those injured.
“I would just like to reiterate my thanks to the police and other emergency first responders for embodying the highest standards of public service under such awful circumstances.”

May his soul rest in peace!

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